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Sweet Corn Pizza – Fire & Ale

Skipped the fair today but did travel to Sherman for a belated birthday dinner for my wife

Fire & Ale's sweet corn pizza

 and cousin in law at Fire & Ale restaurant.  I’m blogging it because F&A offers a unique pizza I had never heard of before,  Sweet corn pizza.  Chicken, sweet red pepper, spinach, fresh mozzarella and olive oil on a crispy, thin crust.  As far as pizza goes, this was pretty good but I felt like they could have put way more corn on the pie and some more cheese too.    Maybe that would have messed up the fusion of flavor, I’m not sure..  It was an interesting and tasty pie but not nearly as good as the buffalo chicken pizza I had last time at F&A.


The Imperial stout I chose to wash it all down was a little heavy for this light pizza but the  North Coast brew was so good it didn’t really matter.  F&A has an outstanding selection of craft beer and a wood fired pizza oven that bakes a pizza at somewhere between 700-900 degrees which means that a pie will normally take around 3 minutes before its “flashed” and finished.  Visit Fire & Ale and taste some of their pizza pr try a shoe, I’m gong to next time.  😛